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About me


Hi, there!

I am from Brazil and I am a PhD in Law candidate at the University of Birmingham, UK.

Since my LLM. in International Human Rights at the University of Essex, my research field is women’s participation in the decision-making process.

Currently, I’m investigating the gender gap in Brazilian appellate courts and how it can impact the right to a fair trial.


My research interest lies in how gender influences the decision-making process, mainly in the political and judicial arena. Also, I am interested in the following themes:

a) Gender and Development;

b) Gender and Judicial Education;

c) Gender and socioeconomic development;

d) Gender and public policies.

It is a lot of stuff, isn’t? 😉

My research

Right to a fair trial in Brazilian appellate courts: a perspective through the lens of feminist theory.

My research uses a socio-legal methodology to investigate whether the fact that there are few women in the composition of appellate courts in Brazil compromises the right to a fair trial, in its objective impartiality aspect. I am adopting a feminist and critical approach to the understanding of objective impartiality, and a mixture of legal analysis and empirical research with Brazilian judges, lawyers and litigants.

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Credit: Supremo Tribunal Federal

Challenges in accessing and after entering in the appellate courts

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The methodology: a socio-legal research

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Fair trial and justice: subjective and objective tests of impartiality

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The significance of my research


At the bottom of this page, you can see my social media contacts. If you are interested in my research and would to talk about it, please do not hesitate to contact me by email danielatravaglia@hotmail.com